©P.Romero: A robin. Southampton, UK (2014)


It’s Not This Time of Year Without… a robin looking for some refuge from the cold weather in a hidden corner of your garden.  



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    1. Indeed! This one is called the “European Robin” precisely to differentiate him from the “American Robin” I believe you are referring to, and who actually got his name after the European one because they both share the characteristic bright the red breast. “Our” American robin (you and I come from the same continent) 😉 is larger (20 cm or so, as opposed to the 10-12 cm of the European one). They used to be considered from the same family (thrushes), but this is now being debated; some believe the European robin really belongs to the family of flycatchers. In any case, they are both gorgeous feathered creatures and although I am looking forward to the day I get to see an American robin perching on a tree again, I truly enjoy watching these little fellows brightening up the cold winter days in our garden in the meantime ❤

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