©P.Romero: Sunset on The Road Taken, Southampton, UK (2014)

The Road Taken


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I must confess, Osyth, this is a favourite of mine amongst the pictures I’ve ever taken, perhaps because the moment when it happened, and my life in those days, also had all those elements you mentioned… dullness turning into wonder and reflection: On that particular day I was rushing, running from campus to campus when I suddenly saw -almost by mere fluke- this reflection in the car park of the university… So I had to stop, stop right there, and observe the sunset happening in front of me, but in these unusual circumstances. It certainly filled my mind and heart with that sense of wonder I try to illustrate in this blog. In a way, the fact that it was the word “slow” what I could read, made the whole thing even more magical and metaphorical: What’s the rush, Osyth? What’s our endless rush to gulp down the minutes of each day, of each month, of our entire lives all at once? The whole experience reminded me of the importance of not taking the time we have been given for granted… It spoke to me of our urgent need to start taking the time to stop, and observe and be marvelled by the world we belong to…

      Sorry, Osyth, I didn’t mean to write an essay, and I don’t normally like to explain what’s behind my images, poems or texts, but this photograph is quite dear to me – for everything it represents and that you seem to have perceived so well. So thank you; for taking the time to look at and comment this picture, but most importantly, for seeing on it something so close, so similar to what I saw – on that day, and on the days that came after that.

      All the best.

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      1. I enjoyed your essay! What IS the rush … I never figured that out. The joy, the delight, the simple gilding of all our senses that can be achieved by just noticing what is around us, is something that seems to be more and more missed and meanwhile more and more of the population are suffering with anxiety …. so please, don’t apologise for what was a lovely explanation of how that beautiful image came about.

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